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  Wednesday, February 21, 2018
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I love my plates (have the full set), and abuse the hell out of them. My first time on the trail with them (which was my first ever time offroad) saw me come down hard—and by hard, I mean the front wheels left the ground and sorta jumped the rock wall I was climbing, landing my X on a rock outcropping right behind the front jack points.
having never hit a rock before (and also only ever hearing that kind of noise in an accident once), as soon as I got to level ground, I scrambled under my truck to look at what I imagined was going to be a massive dent running the width of the vehicle. All I found was a ragged white scar across the bottom. "No biggie," I thought, "I just scraped off the powdercoating...i can touch that up when I get home." Then I rubbed it. Not a scrape in the paint....It was rock dust! The weight of the Xterra coming down on the rock ledge pulverized the stone. Good, hard Appalachian gneiss, too!
That was the point that you can consider me impressed, and very happy with my purchase. Keep up the excellent work.
Signed: One happy customer, --Jamie Rasmussen Alexandria, VA
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